/ HEIGHT: 5'6" / 
LIKES: Wood sculpting, true crime, trash cinema, obscure media, nature, video games, kitsch / 
DISLIKES: Being bad at video games, art block, being compared to a leprechaun, working retail
 / Rhodes can be withdrawn and grouchy, but get past his shell and you'll find a good-natured smartass who loves friendly teasing. Has some trouble dealing with negative situations and tends to retreat inside himself when he’s feeling down. Sensitive and prone to excessive worry. Has extremely vivid dreams.
Rhodes is trying to launch his career as a wood sculptor, but has 
to make ends meet by working at a thrift shop. Usually makes animal carvings, but wants to explore different topics with his art. He doesn't know which direction he wants to take and is stuck in a creative rut. Rhodes deals with his problems by running away from them until they blow up in his face.

 PROFILE / AGE: 29 / HEIGHT: 6'2" / 
LIKES: Sour gummies, computers, cooking, old sci-fi movies, kitsch
 / DISLIKES: Losing track of things, being compared to a beaver
 / Dempsey is chipper and playful, but can talk your ear off. Smart but socially awkward; tends to hyperfocus on the wrong thing.  Often starts trouble without meaning to. Laughs and cries easily; prone to emotional outbursts. Religiously writes in his journal to keep track of his own thoughts and emotions. 

Dempsey works in computer repair and tech support. Likes to modify electronics, often from spare and leftover parts. Sometimes tinkers with writing his own software programs. Dempsey deals with his problems by trying so hard to fix them that he creates 12 more of them by accident. 

AGE: Lost track of time but he thinks he's in his late 20s
 / HEIGHT: 6'8" / 
LIKES: Sour gummies, weird old knickknacks, animals, nature, building giant sculptures out of noodles, cheese, little cutesy things
DISLIKES: Loud noises, being watched, crowds, being made fun of
 / Gideon is intelligent and thoughtful, but severe social anxiety causes him to behave strangely and prevents him from connecting with people. Tends to retreat into nostalgia and fantasy. Despite his own self-doubt, he is quick to learn and able to teach himself new skillsets regularly. Naturally giddy and playful.

Gideon only goes out in public to buy more Krazy Noodles, which he uses to make giant macaroni sculptures that he won’t let anybody look at. Has a large collection of old jazz records from the 20s and 30s, which he listens to daily. Gideon deals with his problems by beating himself up for having them to begin with.

AGE: Unknown, potentially immortal
 / HEIGHT: Variable, usually presents as 6'8"
 / LIKES: Striped sweaters, messing with people's heads
 / DISLIKES: Almost everything, but especially hates it when something encroaches on his territory. Don't forget giant noodle sculptures.
 / Gabriel is a man on an ego trip. He's a dimension-hopping brain parasite, incubus, and psychic vampire who targets emotionally vulnerable men-- and he's taken a liking to Gideon. Gabriel pretends to be his friend and protector, but feeds off his negative mental energy. He won't tell Gideon that he lives in his brain and wreaks havoc when he's not looking. 

Gabriel is sly and manipulative. He molded his physical appearance to resemble a more "beautiful" version of Gideon to create a sense of familiarity with him--and maybe make him jealous in some strange way. He also loathes Gideon's noodle sculptures...but why? 

Gabriel deals with his problems by making other people do it for him.

 PROFILE / AGE: Really old
 / HEIGHT: 18 inches
 / LIKES: ??? / 
 / Sock-Puppety Bob is Gideon’s stuffed animal and favorite comfort object. Her origin is unkown; Gideon has had her for years and isn't willing to get rid of her anytime soon. She needs to be kept hidden from Gabriel because he hates her for reasons he won’t explain. 
Gideon doesn’t know it, but Sock-Puppety Bob might be alive. Her spirit has been separated from her body and is being held captive. Until she is made whole, she’ll be just another puppet.
Sock-Puppety Bob doesn't know how she deals with her problems.