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Hiatus ending announcement

It's been half a year of no new KNM pages, but that's about to change. Chapter 3 will begin on Tuesday, December 14th. 

Thanks for sticking around. 


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Hiatus Update (reupload)

(Reposted because the first blog was too long and a little too personal)

I wanted to give a general update for how chapter 3 is coming along since it's been awhile since I went on hiatus. Right after chapter 2 ended, I entered a period of instability in my life. I was bouncing around between several terrible jobs at a temp agency, which left me with little energy to work on KNM. Luckily, I started a much better job this past week, and it should leave me with enough time to do the comic on top of working. Things are settling down and I'm feeling better about everything. 

Chapter 3 has been fully scripted and I'm in the middle of thumbnailing it. I'd love for it to return come Halloween, but I can't make guarantees. Regardless, KNM will return by the end of the year. 

Thank you all for your patience as always. I look forward to showing you chapter 3. Since it's about Rhodes and Dempsey being unhappy with their jobs and where they are in life, I channeled a lot of my dissatisfaction with my career into it while writing!

thanks for reading. 


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New Cover for Chapter 2

Hey everyone! I decided to rework the chapter 2 cover because I wanted it to match the art style of the rest of the chapter. I was never happy with the original and I had always planned to make a cleaner version once "Castle of Quiet" was completed.

New version:
chapter 2 cover

Old version:

The new cover happens to be a redraw... of a redraw! The first version of the cover is based on an illustration I drew back in 2009 when I was a troubled 15-year-old. It was one of those pivotal pieces that would point me towards the themes of psychological horror that I work with today. I doubt that KNM would exist if I hadn't drawn it. I keep returning to it again and again, as evidenced by the fact that I've redrawn it twice. 


I still have a soft spot for this drawing, even though it's clearly a product of the terrible psychological distress I was experiencing at the time. It's hard to talk about my old art without bringing up the topic of mental health, since the fact that I had ~issues~ is extremely obvious just by looking at it. I still enjoy this art style because it's so visceral, but I doubt I could replicate it today. The way I used to draw back then was based on emotional catharsis, and I'm not feeling the same rage and pain I experienced as a teenager because I'm in a place of stability. I remember wanting to draw in a more polished style, but being unable to because I was compelled to angrily scribble hatch marks on everything.

I redrew this illustration for the third time because I wanted to do justice to an idea that propelled me forward and kept the momentum going for over 12 years. 

Thanks for reading.


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Son of the Return of the Blog Post: In 3-D

Hey, everyone. Now that ComicFury has enabled notifications for blogs instead of having the posts kinda sit there unnoticed, I'm gonna go ahead and post an update!

The final 6 pages of Chapter 2 are coming along. All of them have been flatted and are ready for paint. Updates should be resuming over the next couple weeks or so. I admit it’s taken me a long time to get to this point, since I had to grapple with my own personal problems during the launch and had to figure out the logistics of creating and running a webcomic as I went along. I’m still learning, but at least I know how to approach making a longform comic now that I’ve drawn 73 pages of one. 

I apologize for the spotty update schedule throughout the entire course of this comic, and thank you for being patient as always.

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