Ch 2 pg 11: Into the Dungeon (incomplete)

posted Sat, August 24, 2019

Ch 2 pg 11: Into the Dungeon (incomplete)
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Sat, August 24, 2019


This story needs to get off the ground, so I’m going to be uploading the lineart for each page with some regularity and updating it later with color. I’ll be able to tell the story much more quickly this way, so I guess this is how we’re gonna do things from here on out. I WILL DEFINITELY continue to paint it because color and lighting are essential for the mood of this tale, but I can’t get stuck on the same page forever.

I was recently gifted an iPad Pro and it’s friggin awesome. I inked this page today in Autodesk Sketchbook.

We are getting closer and closer to learning why this story is called Krazy Noodle Massacre.

end transmission
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