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Son of the Return of the Blog Post: In 3-D

Hey, everyone. Now that ComicFury has enabled notifications for blogs instead of having the posts kinda sit there unnoticed, I'm gonna go ahead and post an update!

The final 6 pages of Chapter 2 are coming along. All of them have been flatted and are ready for paint. Updates should be resuming over the next couple weeks or so. I admit it’s taken me a long time to get to this point, since I had to grapple with my own personal problems during the launch and had to figure out the logistics of creating and running a webcomic as I went along. I’m still learning, but at least I know how to approach making a longform comic now that I’ve drawn 73 pages of one. 

I apologize for the spotty update schedule throughout the entire course of this comic, and thank you for being patient as always.

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