About the Comic

A surreal, darkly humorous comic about one man's obsession with a generic macaroni product and the nerds who spy on him

Rhodes and Dempsey are a young married couple who are just getting started in life. They'd like to move forward with their own careers and goals, but they keep getting distracted by everything from cutesy video games to tacky late-night shows about serial killers. Late one night, Dempsey comes home with a wild story about running into a jittery man at the grocery store who buys almost nothing but a generic macaroni product called "Krazy Noodles." Much to Rhodes' hesitation, Dempsey comes up with a plan to go spying on him the following week so that Rhodes can see him for himself. They might think they're just going on a little adventure, but neither of them have any clue how much of a distraction Krazy Noodle Guy is going to be.

Recommended for readers 14+. Contains some light violence and mild cartoon blood. Has some innuendo, but no graphic sexuality or full-frontal nudity. There might be a bare butt, but that's it. Occasional vulgar language.

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About the Creator

Alex Lutz is an independent cartoonist who prefers to work with traditional tools, mainly markers, white gel pen, and white India ink. She likes 70s sci-fi art, the atomic space age, Cold War-era furniture, and old cartoons. She lives in central Illinois.

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A big shout-out goes to Kyle Wilson, who scans and color-corrects every page of this book.